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Regular Events

Dachauer Volksfest

  • The annual Dachau Fair takes place in the middle of August on Ludwig-Thoma-Wiese and lasts for 10 days. Its origins can be traced to horse-races in 1652 and it has been held every year in August since 1946. Oxen races were started in 1947, but had to be stopped in 1973 due to security reasons. Today the Dachau Fair attracts a great number of visitors because of its unbeatably low beer price. In addition, the opening parade in traditional ragional garb, fireworks and the traditional atmosphere make the Dachau Fair a memorable experience. Every two years (uneven numbers) the fair opens with a children's costume parade.

    Sat. 13.08.2010 - Mon. 22.08.2010 

Palace Concerts

Classical music concerts of international renown are held throughout the year in the Dachau Castle. Program and tickets are available at the Dachau Tourist Information Office (Tel. 08131 - 75287).

Dachau Music Summer

Market Days in Dachau

         Season Markets in the Old Town:

  • Easter Market the second Sunday before Easter: 04/10/2011
  • Pentecost Market the Sunday before Pentecost: 06/05/2011 
  • Autumn Market the second Sunday in October: 10/09/2011 
  • Advent Market the Sunday before the first Advent: 11/20/2011 

          Weekly Markets:

  • Unterer Markt (Münchner Str.) Friday morning
  • in the Old Town (Pfarrstraße/Schrannenplatz) Wednesday and Saturday morning
  • in Dachau - East (Ernst-Reuter-Platz) Tuesday and Friday afternoon
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