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Historical artists

Adolf Hölzel

Adolf Hölzel began his studies at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts going on to the Munich Academy of Fine Arts.
He developed a passion for open air painting after being inspired by Monet’s work during a visit to Paris with his friend Arthur Langhammer.

Arthur Langhammer

Arthur Langhammer studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig and thereafter in Munich until 1882.
He initially earned his living as an illustrator intending to live in the country at a later stage and there to devote his time to painting.

Carl Thiemann

Carl Thiemann was a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague from 1905. To begin with he was engrossed with etching, but became increasingly fascinated by coloured wood cuts soon becoming a member of the leading group of modern wood engravers.

Fritz von Uhde

Fritz von Uhde studied at the Dresden Academy, after which he spent time in Vienna and Paris.
He moved to Munich in 1880 where he turned to a new form of naturalism which he combined with an impressionistic style of painting.

Hans von Hayek

Hans von Hayek studied at the Wiener Kunsgewerbeschule from 1886 – 1890 and then at the Munich Academy until 1898.
He was Heinrich von Zügel’s master-class student and strongly influenced by him.

Ludwig Dill

Ludwig Dill studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts after which he traveled widely devoting his time to open-air painting.
When he came to Dachau in 1893(-1899), the landscape there, in particular the fens had a pivotal effect on him.

Paula Wimmer

Paula Wimmer began her training with Karl Becker-Gundahl at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. She then traveled to Rome, Florence, Venice and Paris.
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