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Old Town/History

The picturesque old town of Dachau invites one to linger and enjoy its many places of interest.

Be surprised and delighted by Dachau's historic domestic architecture, Dachau Palace (the summer residence of the Wittelsbach family) and its court garden, the Stadtpfarrkirche (parish church) of St. Jakob, Dachau's abundant museums and art galleries, excellent views of the provincial capital of Munich and much, much more.

To round off your trip there are lots of opportunities to shop, attend cultural events or sample the regional and international gastronomy. There is something to suit all tastes from traditional Bavarian beer garden or tavern (gasthaus) fare to Italian, Greek, Indian or Styrian restaurants.

We will gladly arrange a guided walking tour of the old town, the Palace, the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site or organise a special tour or maybe a tour in historical costume.

Dachau Castle

Around 1100 a fortress was built on the Giglberg hill in Mitterndorf by counts named after the town of Dachau.

Castle Garden

A magnificent baroque arbor of lindens, old garden walls, an orchard, flower beds and a small forest demonstrate the various periods of gardening art dating back to the 16th century.

St. Jakob Parish Church

The parish church of St. Jakob dominates the Old Town of Dachau with its 44-meter octagonal tower and can be seen from afar.

Dachau Painting Gallery

The Dachau Painting Gallery has a representative permanent collection of typical landscape and genre paintings of the 19th and early 20th century.more

City Hall

The city hall, situated in the heart of the old town, is the seat of the city administration.

City Hall Fountain

Ignaz Taschner designed this fountain for the market of Dachau in 1910.

Toll House at Karlsberg

Small toll house, where in former times and up to the year 1926 marketeers and and tradesmen had to pay toll to enter the market town Dachau.

Market Gates

From 1390 to 1891 three bulky gates secured the entrance to the market town Dachau. Today bronze replicas at the original location display where they once bordered the market.

District Museum of Dachau

The District Museum, which received the Bavarian Museum Award in 1993, reflects the cultural history of the town of Dachau and the surrounding county.

Schrannenhalle (Market Hall)

The new city market hall is located in the former church school built in 1832 next to the parish church of St. Jakob.

Ludwig Thoma / Rauffer House

Ludwig Thoma had his legal practice in the so-called Rauffer House in Dachau from October 1894 to May 1897.

Gottesacker Chapel

This chapel, like the parish church St. Jakob before it, was designed by Hans Krumpper and built 1627/28.

Dachau Water Tower

The Dachau Water Tower provided the town with water from 1910 till 1969.


The Zieglerbräu restaurant was first mentioned in 1608.


The history of the Hörhammerbräu goes back to the year 1569.


This fountain was made out of shell limestone in 1954 by Wilhelm Neuhäuser and serves as a reminder of the early catastrophic blazes, from which the market town of Dachau was not spared.
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