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For more information on Dachau, please also see our variety of print products on Dachau history, arts and culture, accommodation, guided tours and recreational facilities. To recieve any of the pictured brochures below, just send us an E-Mail at infobuero@dachau.de with you choice of brochures and address. We will ship the brochures to you free of charge.

Dachau - Your travel guide

This guide gives information about the historic old town, contemporary history,  the city of artists as well as general information.

Download Travel guide

PDF-DateiGuide book German / English (PDF-Datei, nicht gefunden)

City Map

Apart from street index this brochure offers an overview of guided tours and historic sites in Dachau.


Discover historic Dachau at your own pace using the audio-guides from the Tourist-Information Office. 20 stations lead you to the most important points of interest within the historic town centre. The expected duration of the tour is approximately 1,5 hours.

Download Audio-Guide

PDF-DateiAudio-Guide-Flyer Download (PDF-Datei, 8,86 MB)

Image Brochure

Dachau in pictures

Guida italiana / Guide en francais - Guidebook Italian / French

La guida offre al visitatore una moltitudine di informazioni riguardanti la cittá storica, la storia contemporanea, e la colonia artistica di Dachau.

Notre guide vous donne beaucoup de renseignements intéressants sur la vielle ville historique, l´histoire contemporaine et la vielle de Dachau en tant que village d´artistes. Par ailleurs vous obtiendrez des informations sur d´infrastructure routière, la gastronomie et bien d´autres choses

Guia espanola / Guidebook Spanish

En nuestra guia turistica encuentran informaciones sabre la parte antigua de la ciudad, la historia contemporánea, Dachau como ciudad artistica.
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