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St. Jakob Parish Church

The parish church of St. Jakob dominates the Old Town of Dachau with its 44-meter octagonal tower and can be seen from afar. The church was built in 1624/25 in the late Renaissance style. It was built on the site of a smaller late gothic church, of which only the sacristy and the square basement of the church tower remain. The baroque tower was erected 1676-78.

The choir was built under the direction of the master builder of the Munich court, Friedrich Sustris, with the nave done according to the plans of Hans Krumpper. An extension was added on in 1926.

Decorating the south side of the building, an impressive 18th century sun-dial not only shows the time of day, but also the month and zodiac as well.

Open daytime
Mass Sat 7 PM, Sun 8 and 10 AM

Pfarrstr. 7
85221 Dachau

Bus 720/722 (Rathaus)


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