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City Hall

The city hall, situated in the heart of the old town, is the seat of the city administration.

The original city hall, first mentioned in 1486, was rebuilt in the years 1614/15.

Three hundred years later this building was so dilapidated that it had to be torn down in 1934 and replaced.

The rapid growth of the city after the war made it necessary to build a larger city hall. A modern annex was built in 1976, connecting the city hall of 1934 and the nearby former Confectioners’ House, which had been in the possession of confectioners and candle-makers since the sixteenth century. The new building - awarded a prize by the Association of German Architects - was designed by Prof. Dr. Werner Fauser with works of stone art sculpted by Reinhold Grübl.

In the passageway through to the terraces behind the city hall, which offer a fine view of the city, there are two commemorative plaques for Dachau’s Jewish victims of the Holocaust, as well as works by Dachau sculptors.


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85221 Dachau
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