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The twin towns of Dachau


Klagenfurt is the capital of Carinthia, the most southerly of the nine Austrian provinces. Since 1998 is between Dachau and Klagenfurt a town twinning.
Klagenfurt with its population of 92,000 has a spectacular location in a wide basin at Lake Wörthersee in the southern part of Eastern Alps. Klagenfurt is well know for its heraldic beast, the londworm dragon. The historic city was founded in the 12 th century and is outsstanding today with its highly dynamic economy, a universita, and an incredible quality of life that owes to setting of great beauty between Alpine peaks and the lake nearby. located where the Germanic, Romanic and Slavic cultures meet, the former peripheral situation has become a major asset of the city and a great advantage for its people.
Today, Klagenfurt is seen as one of the prime gateways to the Eastern and Central European areas and their cultures and econmies. The inner courtyards of the old part of Klagenfurt are perfect venues. All through the year, there are exhibitions, festivals, parties or simply good events that add special flair to the city. Many museum and galleries axhibiting excellence in the arts complete the cultural offer.    www.klagenfurt.at 


Fondi is a city and comune in the province of Latina, Lazio (central Italy) halfway between Rome and Naples. Before the construction of the highway between the latter cities in the late 1950s, Fondi had been an important settlement on the Roman Via Appia, which was the main connection from Rome to much of southern Italy.
Fondi is the main town of the Plain of Fondi, a small plain between the Ausoni and Aurunci mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The plain includes three lakes and is agriculturally very fertile. The 15 km-long sandy beach stretches from Sperlonga in the South-East to Terracina in the North-West and lies along the Gulf of Gaeta, with views to the Pontine Islands. The first historical reference to Fondi dates to 338 BC, at the time of the Latin War. The importance of Fondi lied in its position across the old Via Appia, begann in 312 BC. which was for more than two millennia the main roadway from Rome to southern Italy. After the Gothic War and the Lombard conquest of italy, Fondi ramined a dominion of the Eastern Roman Empire. LAter a part of the Papal States. In 1378 the powerful Count Onorato I Caetani summoned here the conclave in which the cardinal elected Clement VII against Urban VI ( Western Schism). Under the Colonna the city met period of artistical and culturall splendou, Thanks of the court held by Giulia Gonzaga who lived in Fondi between 1526 and 1534. Agriculture in the area around Fondi has been always favoured by the presence of abundant water sources and by climatic conditions. The traditional production of agrumes has been recently supplanted by that of vegetables and fruit. Fondi is the seat of an important market for agriculture and food products which distribute some 1 million tons of agriculture products every year. Since 1998 is Fondi twin town of Dachau.   www.comune.fondi.lt.it

Cultural partnerships

From the early 19th century onwards, many artists left their urban studios and art accademies to gather new inspirations from nature and from simple rural life. With the emergence of plein air painting and the reputaion of the School of Brabizon, up to 200 artists' colonies came into existence all over Europe. The pictoresque sceneries inspired artists to create the world's most famous atworks of the 19th and 20th centuries and regenerated European and International art.
Many of these artist's villages and cities hold valuable art collections in their museums and galleries and are still today lively centres of contemporary artistic creativy.
EuroArt currently consist of about 80 member organizations in more than 20 countries. Its mission is to protect and promote this common European cultural heritage.
The town of Dachau is also an actively participating member in the association of European artist colonies, EuroArt. Since 2005  Dachau cares a kultur patnership with the artists'colonies  Renkum (Niederlande) and Tervuren (Belgien).
Besides, keeps it up friendships with the City Aregua (Paraguay).



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