Commemorative Events

Memorial events are held regularly in Dachau. These events deepen knowledge and keep alive the memory of what happened.

Photo of Mayor of Dachau, Florian Hartmann, giving a speech at the death march memorial in Dachau. Photo: City of Dachau
Memorial service at the death march memorial in Dachau - Mayor Florian Hartmann, photo: City of Dachau

With them we associate the hope to have found mutual forms of remembrance in Germany that will have a reliable effect in the future.  This is more important today than ever before. The past few years have clearly shown us that democracy is more fragile and endangered than long assumed.  Around the world, we are witnessing an steep rise of right-wing populism and right-wing extremism, a flare-up of nationalism, racism and anti-Semitism.

Commemorative events include:

  • Memorial Service at the Death March Memorial
  • Anniversary of Liberation of the Concentration Camp Dachau
  • Anniversary of the German invasion of the Soviet Union
  • Commemoration of the Progrom Night on November 9th 1938
  • Day of Rememberance of the victims of National Socialism



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