Hiking tours and strolls

Hiking tours and strolls in dachau

Hikes and walks suitable for families through more than 1200 years of history of the city in the largest city in the northern outskirts of Munich. Explore the facets of the city of Dachau and the Dachau nature area.

Dachau - easily accessible via S2 train from Munich - was first mentioned in documents as early as 805. In the 19th century, painters discovered Dachau, where they found charming natural motifs and founded the Dachau Artists' Colony.

With the First World War, Dachau became increasingly poor, and with the establishment of the concentration camp in 1933, the respected artists' town became the epitome of inhuman Nazi terror. Today, the city of Dachau is not only a central European place of learning and remembrance, but also an important city of art and culture.

Art in Dachau: past and present. Walks along the traces of the city of artists Dachau.

The Dachau Artists' Path

On the trail of the painters of the Dachau artists' colony.

Towards the end of the 19th century Dachau had a special fascination for landscape painters.

Take a walk on the trail of the painters of the Dachau artists' colony and their themes.

More information on the Dachau artists' path

Stroll through the artists‘ village Etzenhausen

Starting point: Dachau city train station (Bahnhof Dachau Stadt)
Route length: approx. 1.8 miles
Time it takes: about 45 minutes

Gemälde zeigt Frau dabei wie sie mehrere Gänse vor sich hertreibt
Emmy Buchka-Lenbach, "Gänseliesl am Webelsbach" painting © Village Community Etzenhausen

A 1.8 mile walk. The stylistic change from studio to plein air painting towards the mid-19th century allowed an artists’ colony to emerge here as well as in Dachau. Many artists settled in the tranquil nearby village of Etzenhausen, so that it became the scene of its own small artists’ colony.

Sculpture walk

Starting points: a) Parking lot at the Ludwig-Thoma-Wiese P3 or b) Dachau suburban train station (Bahnhof Dachau)
Route length: about 3 miles
Time it takes: about 1 to 1.5 hours
Aspiration: easy tour along green paths and waterways
Refreshment stop: Bavarian restaurant with beer garden “Drei Rosen”, Café DAH-Inn and a variety of cafes and restaurants in the old city district

Balcony frieze at the Dachau town hall, the windows reflect the church of St. Jacob opposite.
Balcony font, Reinhold Grübel, Photo: City of Dachau

Sculptures characterize the image of a city. You encounter them in many areas and yet often appreciate them only casually. This tour takes you along green paths and passes by many works of art. It is intended to focus your attention on objects and gives you explanations about the individual works.

Walk along contemporary history Walks through the history of Dachau

Path of remembrance - routes of remembrance

Starting point: S-Bahn Station "Dachau"
Route length: about 1,86 miles
Time it takes: about 45 minutes
Level: Easy hike. Easily accessible paths.

Junges Pärchen auf dem Weg des Erinnerns an einer Tafel
Weg des Erinnerns, Foto: Stadt Dachau, Florian Bachmeier

Dachau is known worldwide as the site of one of the first concentration camps, built in 1933. Over 204,000 prisoners were registered, over 41,000 people murdered. Today, the city's primary concern is to keep the memory of what happened alive. This walk leads to places of remembrance along 12 panels of the "Weg des Erinnerns" (path of remembrance).

Path of Remembrance

Stumble stones

Starting point:Parking lot at the Ludwig-Thoma-Wiese
Route length: approx. 4.6 miles
Time it takes: about 2 hours 20 minutes
Aspiration: Moderate hike. Requires a minimum level of fitness. Easily accessible paths. Old town area with cobblestones.

Pilgrim's Way to St. James in Dachau

The Way of St. James in Dachau

Jakobs-Muschel in der Mauerecke des Pfarrheims St. Jakob
Jakobsmuschel am Pfarrheim St. Jakob, Foto: Stadt Dachau

Also worth mentioning is the Way of St. James. The northeastern branch of the Munich Way of St. James leads pilgrims through the city to the parish church of St. Jacob. You can get the stamp for the Way of St. James at the Tourist Information of the city of Dachau.