Public Toilets

Dachau Station

Bahnhof Ostseite / Fahrradparkhaus. 24 hrs open. Wheelchair accessible restroom with baby's changing table

Public library "Unterer Markt"

Public library Dachau
Max-Mannheimer-Platz 3
Tel. +49 (0)8131 - 61215-0

Toilet can be used during opening hours of library. Key available at service desk.

Toilets "Unterer Markt"

Münchner Straße / Unterer Markt

This public toilet is located at the market square "Unterer Markt" next to the building of Sparda Bank.

Parking lot "Unterer Markt" P4

Münchner Straße 40

Public toilets are located in 1st basement. Elevator available in stairwell near Gröbenbach (door 90cm wide, operating elements reachable for wheelchair user). Euro-key needed. Take elevator to 1st basement, pass through 2 smoke and fire doors to get to underground parking. Change to stairwell on the other side through smoke and fire doors.

Kochwirt (Restaurant, old town)

Augsburger Straße 7

Follow Signs for public toilets in front of Restaurant. Entrance is equipped with automatic doors. Toilets are open daily, except Mondays, from 8 am until Restaurant closes. On Mondays and holidays, toilets close at 8 pm.

Schranne (Restaurant, old town)

Pfarrstraße 13

Toilets open to public during opening hours of Restaurant "Schranne".

Town hall 2 (old town)

Augsburger Straße 1

Disabled WC available on ground floor. Please see opening hours of town hall.