Dachau Palace Garden

Dachau Palace Garden

View of the sky through the tops of the lime tree arbour at Dachau palace garden in early summer.
The old lime tree arbour in the palace garden at Dachau Palace, first leaves allow the blue sky to shine through. Photo: City of Dachau, Florian Bachmeier

A magnificent baroque arbor of lindens, old garden walls, an orchard, flower beds and a small forest demonstrate the various periods of gardening art dating back to the 16th century.

Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell was the designer of this beautiful garden bordering on a so-called English garden.

The superb location on top of the palace hill offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Munich all the way to the Alps.

Bee educational trail in the Hofgarten

Due to rebuilding measures of the castle horticulture, the bee trail is temporarily removed.

Five beehives are at home in the so-called English Garden, a woodland section of the Palace Garden.

It was created especially for the pollination of the fruit trees. Information boards lead through the Bee educational trail  and explain what is special about the beehives. 
A special feature is the bee globe developed by Andreas Heidinger. 

This form of the beehive corresponds to the natural way of life of the bees in tree hollows and makes it possible to observe the inner life of a beehive.
The bees are being cared for by Sabine Huber and Andreas Heidinger.


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