Path of Rememberance

Path of Rememberance

In Spring 2007, the "Path of Remembrance" was opened. Organised by the City of Dachau, this project focuses on the historic footpath between the railway station and the Frühlingstraße, Friedenstraße, John-F.-Kennedy- Platz and Straße der KZ-Opfer.
( Spring Street, Peace Way, John F.-Kennedy Square, Road Commemorating the Victims of the Concentration Camp).

Stationen des Wegs des Erinnerns

Along the footpath, wayside markers contaning texts and photos remind visitors about the history of the town and the concentration camp during the Third Reich. The markers are placed in prominent locations along the historic pathway. Thematically, the thread reflects relations between the town and the camp and the points of contact between the two.

The "Path of Remembrance" is subsidised by the Bavarian Cultural Foundation (Kulturfonds Bayern)


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