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Guided Tours in Dachau

Guided Tours in Dachau

Group guided tours at the time of your choice

Get to know Dachau and its surroundings in the friendly company of the tour guides of the Dachauer Gästeführer e.V. Choose from a wide range of topics - the Tourist Information of the city of Dachau is looking forward to your request.

  • Dachau Town Hall with small Toll House in front
    Dachau Town Hall, Picture: City of Dachau

    The city of Dach­au: His­to­ri­cal

    Learn all sorts of interesting and curious facts about beer and breweries, the role of women in Dachau, or why the churchyard was built outside the market town. 

  • Sculpture "The concentration camp prisoner" by Fritz Koelle, inscription: "In honour of the dead, as a warning to the living".
    Sculpture "The prisoner", Photo: City of Dachau

    Con­tem­po­ra­ry his­to­ry in Dach­au

    Experience contemporary history: from the first arrests in Dachau, using the example of the communist Klein, to the Dachau Uprising and the legacy of Max Mannheimer and his significance for the city of Dachau today.

  • Sign leading into Dachau courtyard

    Dach­au Palace and Court Gar­den

    Accompany us to the time of the Wittelsbach dynasty in Dachau. The palace and court garden tell stories of the ruling dynasty, of Joseph Effner and more than 600 years of the highest garden art.

  • Oil painting by Jean Lehmann, reddish colored view Dachauer Karlsberg

    Dach­au ar­tist's life

    The Dachau Artists' Colony, the Painting Women, Ludwig Thoma - the topics related to art in Dachau are diverse - as are the many themed tours on art in Dachau.

  • Dachauer Moos in autumn, fog over moss landscape, sparse tree in foreground
    Dachauer Moos, Photo: City of Dachau

    Ex­pe­ri­ence na­ture

    The Dachauer Moos with its unique "true painter's light", the meadows of the Amper with their biodiversity and invite you to guided bike tours, for example on the topic of the robber Kneißl.

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